Celestial Wealth Management (CWM) was established last month by Colin Exelby, a former Wall Street financial advisor. After 9 years with Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley advising individuals and institutions, Mr Exelby moved on to provide customised solutions as an independent advisor. He is affiliated with LPL Financial, an independent broker-dealer that provides custody and clearing services for clients.

The absence of conflicts of interest allows clients to know their interests are first. Against this backdrop, Mr Exelby said that CWM was created to address the need for independent, unbiased, comprehensive wealth management solutions for investors.

Mr Exelby added: “By managing risk prudently through tactical asset allocation and hedging strategies, we strive to help clients withstand the fluctuations of world markets, build wealth and protect their capital. There are many investors who agonize over every decision, worrying about how it will affect their investments. Studies by Ibbotson Associates show as much as 85 percent of investment returns are the result of asset class allocations and only 15 percent come from actually picking the investment within the asset class. Getting the big picture right is crucial.”