A chartered accountant with over three decades of expertise in the financial services industry, Batten joins Weatherbys and its board.

Prior to retiring from the PwC partnership in 2017, he spent more than 25 years as a partner at the firm.

In the course of his vast career, Batten has worked at the highest levels on the restructuring of financial services organisations in the insurance, banking, and fund management sectors.

He also led the PwC team that assisted the HM Treasury in preserving the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Irish Treasury in creating its “bad bank,” NAMA.

Since his retirement, he has served as a senior adviser to UK Government Investments and accepted a number of board non-executive positions in the real estate and insurance industries.

Commenting on Mark’s appointment, Roger Weatherby, chief executive, said: “I am delighted that Mark has agreed to join our Board. We will be able to draw on his considerable risk and regulatory experience, as well as the wealth of knowledge he has forged working for governments and financial institutions in the UK and internationally.”

Furthermore, Weatherbys Private Bank revealed in May that Quentin Marshall, managing director, will be replacing Roger Weatherby as chief executive, who will then transition into chairman at the start of 2024.

Marshall, who joined the Bank in 2014, is now in charge of the organisation’s two primary divisions, the Private and Racing banks.

He has worked in private banking for over 35 years.

His past positions include Coutts and UBS Wealth Management, where he played a key role in the development of the family office.