Wealth management platform FNZ has made a strategic investment in impact data and analytics firm GIST.

FNZ did not disclose the size of the investment, which will support GIST’s growth.

GIST provides quantitative, comparable, and verifiable measures of corporate impact and performance to investors and companies.

The investment builds on FNZ’s existing partnership and is part of a wider collaboration, which will see GIST’s data integrated into FNZ Impact, a sustainable investment solution.

The investment solution is integrated into the FNZ wealth management platform, with support for financial institutions and wealth management firms in 21 nations.

It allows clients to offer ‘hyper-personalised’ and ‘transparent’ information on the environmental and social impacts impact of investment portfolios.

GIST uses a science-based approach across four capitals — natural, human, social, and produced — to measure and value corporate impacts in monetary terms.

FNZ head of sustainability Vian Sharif said: “The allocation of capital is critical to driving the change required to transition to net-zero and building a more sustainable economy and society. By democratising information on the impact of portfolios, FNZ Impact empowers investors, their advisers and wealth managers to contribute to a sustainable future for the next generation through their investment decisions.”

GIST founder & CEO Pavan Sukhdev said: “Our shared mission is to embed GIST Impact methodology and algorithms into every responsible investor’s toolkit.

“There has never been greater urgency for investors and corporations to recognise and quantify all dimensions of investment impacts, and in doing so, to redefine corporate performance.”