FirstVet has announced a partnership with Waggel, a UK insurtech start-up that offers fully digital pet insurance.

The partnership will allow Waggel members to access free appointments via their mobile devices and receive expert advice on their pets from home.

Waggel offers a membership platform containing exclusive perks and rewards from select pet brand partners. It is from this platform that Waggel members can download the FirstVet application, which is available both on Android and iOS.

Through the app, customers can video call UK-registered vets who offer advice on treatments and symptoms, and can also refer them to a local vet. Video appointments can be booked as often as necessary and customers are able to meet with vets within 30 minutes.

The standard FirstVet consultation cost is £20 – £30 per session being waived.

When a referral to a local vet is needed, FirstVet provide notes of the initial consultation to both the owner and the vet so that all parties remain informed at all times.

There are currently 150 veterinarians on the FirstVet platform.

FirstVet is currently present in five markets – the UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland and its native Sweden. Since launching in 2016, they have 210,000 registered users and has helped over 150,000 pets.

The company also delivers over 11,000 consultations every month across Scandinavia and the UK, with an average customer rating of 4.9/5 from 50,000 users.

In November 2019, FirstVet raised €18.5m, enabling the start-up to expand its services to other markets including the US, Germany and France. New features will continue to develop, such as, new automation tools and integration with clinics’ existing systems.

David Prien, FirstVet co-founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to join forces and partner with Waggel, a fellow startup with bold ambitions to revolutionise the pet insurance sector. This comes at the end of what has been a defining year for FirstVet, and we look forward to continuing this momentum into 2020, with global expansion, product development, and even more strategic partnerships at the top of our priority list.”

Andrew Leal, Waggel co-founder and CEO said: “As a technology company it’s natural for us to partner with FirstVet, which provides a digital-first tool for the pet-related issues that our members face. It’s our ambition to delight our customers with everything we do, and to provide reassurance and solutions that make their lives easier so that they can continue to enjoy life with their pets, stress-free.”