First Rate has teamed up with Innovest to offer enhanced performance and client reporting solutions through Innovest’s trust and wealth management platform.

Through the partnership with Innovest, First Rate has created tailored solutions to satisfy the needs of Innovest’s trust and wealth management clients.

By using First Rate’s performance measurement and client reporting service Innovest clients can expect to have multi-currency offerings and US based accounting capabilities.

Additionally, the new solution will offer ease of use and enhanced levels of service with the flexibility to report aesthetics that meet the demands and needs of Innovest’s clients using First Rate’s suite of applications.

As part of the deal, First Rate Performance will support interfaces with Innovest’s trust application, InnoTrust Global and InnoTrust Advisor as well as its performance solutions will be integrated with Innovest’s reporting platform.

The partnership will boost their client relationships by enhancing the analysis of their portfolio returns and communicating these results to their investment advisors, relationship managers, consultants and clients.

Marshall Smith, general manager of Service Bureau, said: "First Rate has been successful in complementing wealth management platforms by integrating our performance and client reporting within a comprehensive wealth management solution. Innovest clients will reap the benefits of integrated reporting, best of breed performance capabilities and fewer vendor relationships through our partnership."

Jim Peterson, vice president of client service, said: "We are excited to be expanding our performance measurement and reporting offering to include First Rate’s services. First Rate has been an excellent partner. We’ve found that the onboarding process for our clients is simple, and the team has been excellent to work with."