Each week, PBI’s journalists pick out insights from company filings that highlight sentiments in our sector. These filings signals are based on GlobalData’s analysis of earnings statements, call transcripts, investor presentations and sustainability reports. They tell us about key topics on the minds of business leaders and investors, and the themes driving a company’s activities. 

This new, thematic filings coverage is powered by our underlying Disruptor data which tracks all major deals, patents, company filings, hiring patterns and social media buzz across our sectors. 

China Shenhua Energy was the winner of Q2 2023 according to GlobalData in terms of filings in financial services. It held a 0.82 sentiment ranking and saw an increase of 0.58.

Closely following was Bajaj Customer Care with a sentiment of 0.91, higher than China Shenhua, but only a 0.57 increase in filings.

Furthermore, the top five was completed with Springform technology (0.62 sentiment, 0.5 change), Ignite (0.9 sentiment with a 0.49 increase) and Straumann Holding (0.76 sentiment and 0.48 increase).