Fund data and technology company FE fundinfo has relaunched its fund news channel with UBS Global Wealth Management.

The service, known as News Dissemination, will offer investors with latest news and analysis from the fund managers.

It is fully integrated into UBS’s client-facing applications, including UBS eBanking, UBS Quotes and Wealth Management Online (WMO).

It can also be integrated into tools of other distributors.

FE fundinfo said that the service would enable fund managers to share their insights on the impact of recent market or political events.

These information are not typically found in existing content such as fund factsheets, it added.

The service allows fund managers full editorial control, with the ability to create, edit and share their news via a web-based content management system.

UBS Global Wealth Management head CIO Global IM Fund Investment Solutions Philippe Müller said: “UBS is proud that the way our clients and client advisors receive timely and relevant insights into their funds is constantly improved to ensure an even more engaging and relevant experience.”

News Dissemination is part of FE fundinfo’s Data Dissemination Service.

Commenting on the development, FE fundinfo head of business development and strategy Philipp Portmann said: “While there exists a huge amount of fund information available to investors, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and find analysis and data which is useful.

“News Dissemination will allow fund managers to connect with the wider market place and end investors through their distribution partners such as UBS.”

Last week, FE fundinfo signed an ESG data agreement with MSCI to improve its ESG capabilities.

As part of the tie-up, MSCI’s ESG fund ratings and data will be included in FE fundinfo’s products such as Trustnet, FE Analytics, and