Fairstone Group, a UK-based chartered financial planning firm, has snapped up advisory businesses Campbell Harrison, Mortgage Find, Pensions & Wealth Management Services- via its downstream buyout programme. 

Campbell Harrison is a pensions and investment specialist based in Sheffield, while Mortgage Find is a mortgage solutions provider based in North Kent and South East London. Pensions & Wealth Management Services, based in the South East of England, specialises in investments and pensions.

Under the downstream buyout model, Fairstone will take an initial stake in the firms and gradually integrate them into the business over several years.

The acquisitions will add around £290m in funds under advice, over £3.25m in revenue to Fairstone’s portfolio.

The deals will also add 19 new advisers to Fairstone, boosting its total number of advisers across the UK to over 300 servicing 40,000 private clients with over £7bn of assets.

Fairstone Group CEO Lee Hartley said: “As one of the UK’s largest Chartered financial firms, Fairstone already has a strong standing within the sector and is committed to continuing to grow its network of advisory businesses that offer clients a broad spectrum of superior financial advice. 

“Through our DBO programme, we are seeking out high quality firms with meaningful levels of assets under management who want to drive their performance upwards and realise optimum value for their businesses.”