The EU is to create a European cross border
tax identification number to tackle tax fraud and evasion, a
European Commission (EC) report suggested.

The European commissioner for
taxation Algirdas Šemeta said that to enhance transparency and
fight tax evasion, tax payers operating across
the various member nations could be given a unique identification

evasion is not a problem that any member state can tackle alone;
If we play as a team, with a common strategy, we
can defeat the fraudsters and evaders
, and reclaim vast sums of money
that are legitimately due,” she said.


Europe’s €1trn

Besides the common identification
number, Šemeta proposed the introduction of an EU
tax-payer’s charter and the adoption of stronger common measures
against tax havens.

The measures
will be discussed
at the EU Council meeting – the summit of
EU heads of state – which is to take place on 28-29 June.

The EC estimates
€1trn a year is lost to evasion and frauds across the EU.

“Tax evaders steal from the
pockets of ordinary citizens and deprive member
states of much-needed revenue,” said
Algirdas Šemeta.