Equisoft, a Canadian technology provider, has acquired Apeiron Software and Planist to strengthen its portfolio of wealth management services.

Toronto-based Apeiron offers web-based risk management, financial planning and retirement planning software for financial institutions, advisers and their clients. The company is the developer of an adviser- and investor-facing retirement software platform, dubbed RetireWare.

Equisoft vice president of wealth management solutions Jonathan Georges said: “Today, financial institutions need to differentiate on customer experience. Investor-facing technology platforms provide them with a great opportunity to deepen the level of engagement they have with their clients, while helping advisers offer value-added services.”

Montreal-based Planist is known for its financial planning web portal, which analyses the financial health of clients to create a retirement planning strategy or assess the suitability of investment products.

“This acquisition will allow Equisoft to enhance its flagship product, WealthElements, by leveraging some of Planist’s advanced financial planning functionalities, such as retirement income replacement analysis, estate planning, simulation of cash flows in a holding company, and detailed life insurance needs analysis to name a few. This acquisition will also benefit Planist’s client base, by bringing sustainability and a strong commitment from a well-established company to continue to support the loyal Planist user base,” Georges noted.