Singapore-based Dragon Wealth has launched a new Dragon Wealth platform to enable banks and investors to make contextual and relevant investment recommendations and decisions with peer group comparisons and data from the bank and social media.

According to the company, the new platform will enable relationship managers and their clients to have transparent conversations about clients investment needs and will takes advantage of the cloud and a social mobile analytics platform to analyse a combination of structured data from the bank and unstructured data from social media and online news channels.

The new white-labelled solution is a scalable Software-as-a-Service platform that is secure and compliant with regulatory standards. The company claims that it will help financial institutions to reduce implementation time and costs.

In order to ensuring complete data confidentiality and geographical zoning, Dragon Wealth has teamed up with Amazon Web Services and also partnered with Finantix to integrate the Dragon Wealth product with the Finantix’s wealth management platform.

Additionally, Dragon Wealth has partnered with SOFGEN and Thakral One for sales and integration as well as with the SMU School of Information Systems on their Data Analytics Capstone program.

Bert-Jan van Essen, co-founder and managing director of Dragon Wealth, said: "The Dragon Wealth platform is uniquely able to help banks bridge that relationship gap. By combining the bank’s data as well as data from social media and news sites, relationship managers and their clients will have the latest information that is tailored, current and relevant for their clients – allowing them to focus on fostering better relationships with clients."

Dana Ritter, Co-founder and managing director, Dragon Wealth, said:"The Dragon Wealth platform will provide relationship managers and their clients with transparent access to at-a-glance information on their investment behaviour, peer group comparisons, and expert reports to make better informed decisions on investments."