They were chosen by dpixel as part of the Sella Group Venture Incubator, as a part of “Metaverse 4 Finance.’’

It is the first acceleration programme in Italy with the goal of finding and fostering the development of national and international companies for the creation of innovative, economically viable, inclusive, and safe solutions in the area of Metaverse applied to finance.

The project, which is a part of the three-year plan of the Sella group venture incubator and features a total investment allocation of €3m (£2.5m), received 117 applications from businesses from 26 different countries.

37 applications came specifically from Italy, 11 from the USA, 6 from the United Kingdom, 5 from India, and 3 from Germany.

Others came from countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Over 90 investors, venture capital funds, corporate venture capital, and entrepreneurs attended an Investor Day where the six top firms were advanced by a group of expert technical, legal, and commercial mentors.

The six best enterprises then presented their proposals to the audience.

The four start-ups and Metaverse 4 Finance initiatives chosen by dpixel for investment are as follows:

Dexy, Miami (USA)

A hybrid neobank that combines the benefits of traditional banking with those of the crypto and web3 industries.

It enable users to navigate global financial markets, the solution focuses on emerging markets.

Intraverse, an Italian start-up situated in Lugano (Switzerland)

Through a distinctive block chain-based infrastructure, it has created an open Metaverse where NFTs are integrated as in-game avatars.

Seed Venture, an Italian start-up based in London (UK)

It decentralises fundraising for start-ups and SMEs while allowing the exchange of tokens reflecting financial instruments produced on the secondary market, merging a decentralised finance with traditional economy.

Vestinda, a start-up from Bucharest (Romania) located in Boston (USA)

The company creates web3 trading and investment technology.

It provides zero-code solutions to automate, grow, and safeguard retail traders’ and platforms’ portfolios.