A number of charities in the US have relied on the generous donations from the affluent.

It appears that there is a divide between the charities, between wealth driven non-profit institutions relying on money from the rich, and ‘household’ charities in the US relying on money from the average American.

Rankings from Chronicle of Philanthropy has revealed the 100 charities who have raised the most cash and stock.

America’s Favourite Charities which is the name of the rankings, had ranked United Way Worldwide as the organisation with the highest amount of cash support, with just over $3bn for the 2016 fiscal year.

Organisations featured in the rankings include, the Salvation Army at number two, Mayo Clinic at five, and the Barack Obama foundation at number 82.

Chronicle of Philanthropy have claimed that colleges and hospitals run the ‘big gift operations’ and they account for 49% of the institutions in the rankings. The rankings also revealed that there was an increase in donations to these types of institutions over the past decade by 44%.

The top three with increases include Mayo clinic up 202%, the University of Notre Dame up 100% and the University of Nebraska up by 77%.

Collectively the organisations brought in $47bn in cash donations.