Dion Global Solutions has entered into a strategic alliance with US Tax and Financial Services in a bid to support its Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) compliance solutions.

Under the partnership, US Tax and Financial Services will provide fully qualified tax consultants, accountants and lawyers with over two decades of US tax compliance experience to develop Dion’s technical and regulatory product expertise.

The deal will enhance Dion’s FATCA TRAC product suite and will support future client classification, withholding and reporting requirements.

As part of the strategic alliance, US Tax and Financial Services will offer the expertise needed to track future regulatory developments around the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code regulations and will advise Dion on the changes required to its software in order for its users to remain fully compliant.

Colin Camp, managing director products & strategy at Dion said: "Our alliance with US Tax and Financial Services clearly substantiates our FATCA offering, providing clients with the very highest levels of tax insight. As FATCA compliance deadlines draw ever closer, firms are looking for providers to not just supply technical capabilities, but to clearly provide consulting expertise around these tax regulations."

Darlene Hart, founder and CEO of US Tax and Financial Services said: "Given the global importance of FATCA, organisations need to be able to adapt to ever more complex tax laws in a way that is targeted and effective, while also building the foundations for further international tax cooperation."