British financial advisory firm deVere Group has launched a new investment app called deVere Core to meet changing client expectations.

The new app deVere Core, available both on Android and iOS platforms, will provide latest investment updates in real-time to the users.

Commenting on the launch, deVere Group founder and CEO Nigel Green said: “They will be able to monitor their investments in real time on-the-go, keep informed with news and events that impact investor returns, and be a click away from asking questions using the direct line or chat system.

“Clients will also be able to keep in touch with their consultants from the advisor section.”

The launch of the new app follows the launch of several other fintech apps by the company last year including deVere Vault, deVere Crypto and deVere Investment.

Green added: “Increasingly clients not only want bespoke financial advice from an adviser, they are also demanding personal instant access to their portfolio anywhere and at any time.

“They want all their financial services needs to be dealt with online and/or on their mobile devices. They are wanting to be more ‘hands-on’ than ever before.

“We created this app, which provides that immediate access, communication, and monitoring ability, to meet expectations in terms of customer experience.”

Recently, deVere received regulatory approval from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to acquire WPS Advisory (WPSA).

Following the acquisition, WPSA will become a unit of the UK Workplace Solutions, deVere Group’s UK unit.