UK-based asset management firm, Dalton Strategic Partnership (DSP) has established a new subsidiary company in Tokyo, Dalton Capital (Japan) Limited (DCJ), in which its Japanese equity managers will reside.

The Japan Advantage team, which is currently headed by Akira Yoshimi, will leave its current business, FuNNeX Asset Management, and move across to the newly formed entity at the end of April 2013.

All Japan Advantage assets, including the Melchior funds and all segregated accounts, will move with them to DCJ.

DCJ will be led by Kosuke Arao, who has had a 33-year career so far in investment management and broking, including positions as head of equities at Mizuho Securities and chief executive officer of T&D Asset Management.

Previously, Kosuke was a portfolio manager at Mercury Asset Management, where he had worked closely with the founding partners of both Dalton Strategic Partnership (Andrew Dalton) and FuNNeX Asset Management (Ken Nishizawa).

Magnus Spence, chief executive and managing partner, DSP, said: "This is a very positive development for DSP. Our firm now possesses an internally managed, world class, Japanese equity resource, and we are delighted to welcome Akira Yoshimi and his Advantage team into our company."