Cryptology Asset Group has launched an asset management subsidiary in the US, known as Samara Alpha Management.  

The newly launched subsidiary will offer new and startup managers access to a risk-managed crypto investing platform.

“Samara Alpha aims to foster growth within an otherwise inefficient and fragmented crypto market, capturing investment opportunities arising from market dislocations,” the company said in its press statement.

Samara Alpha Management has in a place an eight-member team.

Team members have previously worked together and boasts of decades of experience in finance industry and understand crypto market, the company noted.

Members of the team have expertise in both buy- and sell-side.

Samara Alpha Management CEO and co-founder Wilfred Daye said: “Since Spring 2022, crypto markets have experienced meltdowns and bankruptcies. Samara Alpha was formed to deliver alternative alpha for institutional and sophisticated investors while managing operational, credit, and market risk to optimize risk/return profiles for our investors.”

The new venture will launch its first multi-strategy fund-of-funds at the end of first quarter of this year.

It plans to soon begin identifying as well as seeding emerging managers on its platform.

Cryptology CEO Patrick Lowry said: “Through Samara Alpha, we will enable investors to benefit from our industry-defining operational and risk management best practices while our shareholders will benefit from Samara Alpha’s alpha-generating strategies as we deploy our balance sheet across a diversified menu of leading strategies identified by the Samara Alpha team.”