Credit Suisse Asset Management has launched a new liquid alternatives fund that aims to generate positive returns by exploiting trends on various markets and investment classes.

The new UCITS-compliant Luxembourg-domiciled vehicle, known as the Credit Suisse (Lux) Multi-Trend Fund, aims to generate positive returns in markets of falling and rising equity, bond, currency and commodity prices.

It will invest in highly liquid and widely available instruments including index or currency futures and observes short-, medium- and long-term trends.

The new fund is approved for distribution in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

Credit Suisse head of quantitative investment strategies Yung-Shin Kung said: “Trend-following strategies are an ideal portfolio component in uncertain market phases, since they generate returns regardless of market movements.

“In this context, the Credit Suisse (Lux) Multi-Trend Fund, as a daily liquid investment product with a low management fee compared to competitors, is suitable for broad investor groups.”

The trend-following strategy has already been used by Credit Suisse for many years, with the bank managing about $400m invested in this strategy.