Lionshare Partners, a new fee-only wealth management firm founded by Chris Jackson, has launched in the Los Angeles area.

The firm will offer a wide range of client services including financial, estate and tax planning, capital asset analysis, investment management and risk management.

The services will be offered through a new flexible fee model that is both capped and flat.

Lionshare Partners, a 100% employee-owned firm, will not sell products, collect commission or have a sales team.

“This reduces the conflict of interest and overhead expenses, which are savings passed on to their clients,” according to a press statement.

Jackson said: “I knew there was a better way of doing business as a financial advisor and a more effective way to create returns for our clients, so I launched Lionshare Partners. We aim to be our clients’ chief financial officer and partner with the best institutional money managers, attorneys, tax professionals and insurance brokers.”

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Jackson started his career as a relationship manager for First Horizon Bank in 2005. He has worked for major wealth management firms in Los Angeles and New York since then.