Global wealth management company Headway Wealth has been launched for British expatriates, offering investment opportunities and personalised advice.

The company is one of the first to offer services of its kind to both UK residents and expatriates across the world in key markets such as the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal.

Headquartered in London, Headway Wealth has offices and associates across the UK and Europe, as well as an associated firm in the US. Headway Wealth was founded by Hamzah Salchi and Elliott Parkhouse, who lead a team of financial advisors who have worked both in the UK and overseas.

“We created this company with one eye on the future, driven by innovation in response to new challenges. We also understand that wealth is personal, and every single person requires a different solution,” said Hamzah Salchi.

“We have both worked with British expatriates around the world and understand precisely the unique financial products they need – covering everything from the ability to move money and assets from country to country, or to plan for their family’s future.”

Elliott Parkhouse added: “We aren’t just giving people access to a wide range of financial products, but doing so in a structured way, driven by their needs. That’s a really powerful combination driven by great technology and inspirational values.”

“The feedback has been that people want transparency and we want to be the benchmark in the industry for that level of trust – wherever our clients live.”