Cogo, a carbon footprint management company that works with banks to help customers measure, understand, and reduce their carbon footprint, and NayaOne, the global digital transformation platform for financial services firms, announced the start of a new partnership that will assist banks and financial institutions integrate carbon footprint management tools into their banking apps. 

Now that Cogo’s carbon footprint API is available, some of the biggest businesses in the world that use NayaOne’s digital transformation platform will be able to test it in a “sandbox” environment to make sure that it works with the technology of their own companies.

The “test and learn” process that is often necessary when introducing new features will be significantly reduced as a result.

Emma Kisby, Cogo CEO, EMEA added: “Banks can play a significant role in tackling the climate crisis by helping customers to understand and lower their personal impact, which is directly linked to their spending habits.

This new partnership will help to bring the carbon tracking experience to life for banks.

NayaOne’s business model is very agile and trusted by banks around the world so it will allow us, at pace, to demonstrate and prove that our technology can work effectively for their bank and provide confidence in rolling out to customers.

We don’t have the luxury of time with the climate crisis, so reducing our potential speed to market and getting banks to see the immediate value for their customers is a game-changer.”

Cogo currently collaborates with 16 banks around the world.

It expects to enhance its banking client portfolio as a result of its participation in the NayaOne ESG Use Case.

The collaboration is already showing results, with one of the world’s largest institutions joining the NayaOne community and signing up for a sandbox test.