SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. announced the creation of a new financial planning experience within the SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform that will cover a client’s financial life in the past, present, and future.

The SS&C team worked closely with RightCapital, a top software business specialising in financial planning in the Wealth Management market, to create the tool.

The Black Diamond Wealth Platform is one of SS&C’s top financial technology systems, serving over 2,000 advisory firms with wealth management capabilities.

This inclusive platform allows a cloud-based solution that includes accounting, consolidated reporting, compliance, portfolio management, trading, and data aggregation.

“To further power Black Diamond functionality, we are leveraging RightCapital planning data. The partnership is one of the deepest integrations we’ve ever created,” stated Steve Leivent, Co-General Manager, SS&C Advent.

“Together, we redefine the planning experience by saving time and enabling a more synchronized user experience —and significantly expands the capabilities within our already robust platform.”

This integration enhances one of the more prominent collaborations by directly importing essential financial planning data from RightCapital into Black Diamond’s platform as account and portfolio information flow from Black Diamond to RightCapital.

The continuous loop improves the advisor-investor communication by providing a consistent experience for the user.

By synchronising the underlying platforms of both parties, both companies goes above and beyond traditional outside integration to enable more complex operations in Black Diamond.

Anthony Cavataio, V.P. Technology Solutions and Consultant at Advisor Group, commented, “Not only does it provide a quick and easy way for financial advisors to view their client’s plan details, but the end investor can also benefit from the integration. Providing our clients with the ability to see how their performance, asset allocation and goals tie together strengthens the advisor-investor dialogue and their overall relationship.”

“Financial planning drives deeper conversations with clients around important life goals,” added Shuang Chen, Co-Founder and CEO, RightCapital.

“Being able to show financial plan details right from the Black Diamond client portal and mobile app means even more opportunities to collaborate with and strengthen client relationships.”