Investment advisory firm Choreo has launched the Choreo Partner Alliance, a programme built to allow industry CPAs the opportunity to better serve their clients.

The solution provides a broader group of entrepreneurs and families to access wealth management advice and services. It will also provide CPAs with the resources to deepen their existing, trusted-adviser relationships.

Furthermore, the alliance creates a framework for CPAs to partner with a Choreo adviser to better service clients who have unaddressed or complex wealth management needs.

Benefits of the alliance include:

  • A partnership with Choreo;
  • Commitment to generating tax alpha;
  • Multigenerational estate planning and gifting strategies;
  • Business exit planning;
  • Monitoring third-party activities for clients with multiple investment advisers;
  • Access to customer financial planning tools and dashboards provided by Choreo to facilitate deeper insights and a better understanding of a shared client’s needs, and
  • Experience with tax and the intricacies of a CPA environment.

“I’m excited to unveil the new Choreo Partner Alliance,” said Larry Miles, Choreo’s CEO.

“Choreo is well-suited to offer this programme. Having been associated with one of the nation’s largest accounting firms for more than two decades, our advisors—many of whom are CPAs themselves—have a passion for delivering a comprehensive tax and financial planning experience to their clients.”

He added: “Beyond playing to our historical strengths, the Choreo Partner Alliance is also consistent with our desire to team with a broader group of strategic partners to help ensure that entrepreneurial-minded investors can meet all their planning needs. At the end of the day, helping CPAs do an even better job of serving their clients is what this program is all about.”

Initial players in the programme include Cherry Bekaert Advisory and Greer Walker. Both companies recently entered a partnership with Choreo that included the divestiture of their existing wealth management businesses and the formation of a strategic, go-forward relationship. Part of this means Choreo will provide comprehensive financial planning solutions to the firms’ existing and future tax clients.