Charles Stanley Direct has upgraded its mobile app by adding biometric authentication feature.

The revamped app will enable Android, iPhone and iPad users to sign up through face or fingerprint authentication, thereby offering instant access to their accounts.

Through the upgraded app, users will be able to trade in more than 4,000 funds.

Charles Stanley Direct managing director Magnus Wheatley said: “I’ve been struck by the reality that many younger investors will have only ever accessed investment via an App, not even using a website.

“The pace of change is rapid, but more importantly the way that this technology is changing the way we interact with our investments, making them more accessible and familiar, is a game changing opportunity. Charles Stanley Direct is investing more in this technology and we will be announcing some exciting updates later in the year.”

The upgrades were overseen by Charles Stanley digital manager Biran Patel.

“My task was to make it ‘insanely simple to invest’ via the app and this has been the focus of our delivery. Of course, simple to use is not simple to build and it was challenging to integrate across our systems. I’m pleased with the result. The stability of the build and the user experience (UX) is very strong and I think we have delivered as tasked,” Patel noted.