Cambrian Asset Management, a quantitative investment firm focused on digital assets, has launched Cambrian Bitcoin Systematic Trust and the Cambrian Ethereum Systematic Trust.

The trusts are designed for institutional and accredited individual investors looking for and with existing exposure to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

They feature an actively managed systematic strategy that aims to ‘downside risks and maintain substantial upside potential’ while deferring taxable events for the investors.

Cambrian co-CIO and CEO Martin Green said: “We are excited to offer a new way of investing in digital assets through the launch of these new Trusts.

“Investors have asked us many times if they can use our systems to actively manage their Bitcoin or Ethereum exposure to protect against the material drawdowns that are endemic to digital assets markets. These Trusts seek to do just that and provide the same benefits to investors seeking to gain their first exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Institutional and accredited investors with an initial minimum investment of $50,000 in cash or in-kind can directly to the trusts.

Cambrian is planning to file an application with OTC Markets for approval for public trading of shares of the trusts in the future.

Cambrian president Tony Fenner-Leitao commented: “Demand for digital assets only continues to increase, especially among sophisticated institutional investors and family offices, who, because of the volatility of digital assets, are increasingly looking for a strong track record of active management.

“We are proud to help investors tap into and benefit from the uncorrelated alpha that these assets can offer.”

California-based Cambrian manages more than $200bn in assets.