Brooks Macdonald Group’s discretionary funds under management totalled £5.11 billion as on 30 June 2013, a 45% increase compared to £3.52 billion for the same period last year.

Over the year discretionary funds grew by £1.590 billion, or 45%, and net of the acquisition of Spearpoint by £904 million, representing 25.6% over the period. This compares to the APCIMS Balanced index that grew by 9.8% over the period.

Advisory funds under management, which were earlier managed by Spearpoint, stood at £348 million as at 30 June 2013, a decline from £357 million at the end of December.

Chris Macdonald, CEO of Brooks Macdonald, said: "The last year has been very active, with the successful acquisition and integration of Spearpoint, strong organic growth, the launch of new funds and significant investment across the business.

"We anticipate making further progress in maintaining this organic growth of funds under management in the new financial year and the board remains confident for the future prospects of the group."