Bridgehouse Asset Managers, a Canadian independent investment platform, has joined forces with Morningstar Associates, an affiliate of the Morningstar Investment Management group, to introduce a new managed investments program.

The program will have five target risk portfolios with third-party funds that will be selected based on the research capabilities of Morningstar and its affiliates.

Morningstar's valuation-driven approach to actively manage risk will be used for the program’s asset allocation decisions.

The program will feature five target risk portfolios, which feature third-party funds selected based on the research capabilities of Morningstar along with its affiliates. Continuing asset allocation decisions will be made using a valuation-driven approach proprietary to Morningstar, allowing active risk management and improved return potential.

Bridgehouse Asset Managers president and COO Carol Lynde said: "The unique aspect of the Morningstar Managed Investments Program will be the ability to access third-party funds in a portfolio that actively manages risk and return potential.

"We also plan to incorporate tools to promote better advisor/investor communication including a Risk Appetite Questionnaire, which is a risk assessment tool and an Investment Policy Statement that will help investors understand their investment behaviour and their portfolio better."    

Bridgehouse Asset Managers and Morningstar Associates struck a collaboration deal in August 2016 to offer core investment solutions at competitive fees. The two companies also teamed up in September 2016 to launch a mutual fund, named the Morningstar Strategic Canada Equity Fund.