US-based asset manager BlackRock has introduced a new range of multi-asset portfolios, which aims to match investors’ varied risk appetite.

Dubbed MyMap, the range includes four portfolios that are sterling denominated.

Developed with iShares index funds, MyMap is actively managed and rebalanced quarterly.

The vehicles provide exposure to shares, bonds, gold along with real estate.

The fund range has an ongoing charge of 0.17%.

BlackRock head of iShares UK Intermediary Sales Pollyanna Harper said: “Each of us has goals we want to achieve; buying a car, a new house, starting a family, or retiring. However, with other competing demands on our time, creating the space to plan how to fulfil these ambitions can sometimes feel like a challenge in itself.

“With increasing emphasis on individuals to take control of their finances themselves, it’s vital they have access to simple, accessible products which allow them to feel more in control.

“The MyMap range offers investors a solution that allows them to focus on their future – ‘where’ they want to get to – with the confidence that our expertise will take care of ‘how’ they get there.”

Earlier this year, BlackRock launched a sustainable ETF range that offers exposure to firms with high ESG scores.