Advocacy Wealth Management and CertusBank have appointed Beth Wheeler as the Head of Advocacy Wealth Trust.

Recently, Advocacy Wealth Management, Forge Consulting, and CertusBank formed a strategic relationship and launched Advocacy Wealth Trust, a division of CertusBank, with a direct focus on special needs and settlement planning.

Beth, a trust professional since 1994, is an experienced fiduciary specializing in the fields of Settlement Planning, Special Needs Trusts and Settlement Administration. She understands the importance of providing hands-on service in the process of creating and administering trusts and has extensive experience working with attorneys, financial advisors, settlement planners and other professionals as an advocate for trust beneficiaries and their families.

A graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Beth also holds a Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning from Georgia State University. She is a graduate of Cannon Trust School and member of the Society of Settlement Planners.