French investment specialist Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co. has launched Carmel Global Opportunities, a global macro UCITS IV compliant fund, which invests in multiple asset classes across the OECD universe.

Carmel Global Opportunities aims to deliver steady long-term capital appreciation through diversification of investment style, alpha source and time horizon.

The fund deploys capital in an actively managed core fixed income allocation and a more dynamic pocket increasing the fund’s market exposure during risk-on environments.

The tactical trading strategy will consists in capturing all available opportunities depending on market conditions, combining strong portfolio construction and risk management skills.

Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co. stated that Carmel Global Opportunities’ assets under management at launch stand at approximately US$60 million. RBC and KPMG are the fund’s custodian and auditor.

Amit Shabi, co-founder of Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co., said: "The launch of Carmel Global Opportunities allows us to respond to demands that we are seeing from clients to this effect and utilize various strategies to effectively harness opportunities that may occur through the market cycle.

"Carmel Global Opportunities is about capturing all available opportunities, utilizing excellent portfolio construction and risk management skills, with the ultimate aim of building on strengths demonstrated by our existing successful event-driven offering," added Shabi.