Beaufort Investment Management, a UK-based discretionary fund manager, has named Shane Balkham as the new CIO as part of a wider management reshuffle.

Formerly head of portfolio construction and research, Balkham launched the firm’s model portfolios dubbed Equip.

Investment analyst Emma Clarke will now replace Balkham as head of fund research.

Moreover, the firm appointed Paul Freedman and Corman Nevin as investment analysts.

While Freedman joins from Charles Stanley, Nevin previously worked at Red Deer.

Beaufort Investment Derrick Dunne CEO said: “We are delighted that Shane and Emma have been promoted and taken on additional duties in running the funds under management, now some £1 billion invested on behalf of clients of financial advisers working both under the Beaufort Financial umbrella, as well external firms attracted by the firm’s process and performance.”

Balkham replaces Stewart Murray, who was appointed as the co- CIO in 2016.

He then shared the role with Stephen Watson.

Murray was appointed as the firm’s CEO in April 2017. Along with this promotion, he became the sole CIO at the firm.

Meanwhile, Watson became non-executive director.

However, Murray quit the firm only two months after being promoted.

Last May, Beaufort Investment hired Derrick Dunne from Sanlam Four to serve as its new CEO.