Bci Asset Management, a subsidiary of Chile-based Banco Bci, has rolled out two new UCITS funds in Luxembourg, designed to provide a new range of investment alternatives accessible to international investors.

The firm has recently entered into a strategic agreement with a custodian bank for managing its two UCITS funds domiciled in Luxembourg, which include White Fleet Bci Global Fund and White Fleet Bci Andino Fund, according to World Finance.

Gerardo Spoerer Hurtado, chief executive of Bci Asset Management said that the firm is planning to launch other funds in the near future.

White Fleet Bci Global Fund is a global tactical asset allocation fund, which invests in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from all over the world, through a risk-driven quantitative strategy.

The strategy looks for capital preservation in bearish markets and capital appreciation in bullish markets under a risk restriction that avoids long and painful draw downs. This fund replicates the strategy of a local vehicle to allow Latin American pension funds to invest in it.

The White Fleet Bci Andino Fund is an equity fund that invests in stocks from Chile, Peru and Colombia. It is an alternative to gain exposure to the dynamic domestic demand of the Andean economies.

The duo of funds represents our investment philosophy including risk control and local exposure.