Barclays has launched an online pricing and
execution platform, Comet, into the UK market aiming to transform
the way wealth managers transact flow structured products.

Designed by Barclays e-commerce business BARX,
it allows wealth mangers to price trade and execute tailored
structured investments across equity indices, stocks, Exchange
Traded Funds (ETF), American Depositary Receipt (ADR) and precious
metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

Comet is currently available to wealth
managers across Europe, US and Asia, handling more than 90,000
intraday pricing requests a month, the bank said.

Barclays has a dedicated Comet team for new
users to give investors demonstrations of the platform, and to
assist with the platform set up, the bank added.

“The platform gives investors full control
over the size and timing of each trade as well as the ability to
define its structure and economic terms,” the bank said.

Lisa Chaudhuri, UK investor solutions,
Barclays, said, “Comet’s click-and-trade functionality is
leading-edge in the UK market and gives wealth managers full
control over every bespoke trade for individual client portfolios,
not just in terms of structure shape and terms but also with
respect to timings and size.”