Bank of China (Hong Kong) has unveiled a new banking service, Enrich Banking, to provide people with wealth management services that are not bound by time and boundary.

As part of the new service, the bank will offer 24hr online chat service and enhanced e-Alert and e-Subscription functions to meet the financial needs of customers.

Upon logging into internet banking accounts, customers can access the online chat platform that comes with feedback and assistance.

The e-Alert service can be found on the Personal Assistant webpage. It offers customers more SMS or email alert selections such as payroll, IPO subscription, fund dividends distribution and bond maturity.

Customers also have an option to receive updates on stocks, foreign exchange and investment funds through emails for an overview of the investment market trends.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) personal banking and product management general manager Ann Kung said the bank has been embracing customer service values through innovation and continuous enhancement of service channels and products to meet the diverse needs of customers.

"The mid-segment working population, leading a hectic life, is a major pillar for the development of local community and economy. While striving for their goals, they need banking services that match their busy lifestyle and provide them with suitable financial products," Kung added.

"Understanding customers’ needs, BOCHK launches Enrich Banking with the aspiration to ‘Power Up Your Wealth’. Customers will benefit from our all-round and tailored wealth management services and electronic banking channels. They can, therefore, manage their finances flexibly and grasp investment opportunities to maximise their wealth potential."