Banca Generali and Reply have launched the first edition of the Investment Challenge, which is an online trading competition for European University students. The challenge was founded by Reply and based on the BG Saxo Trader Go platform.

Participants will deepen their understanding of key financial instruments and test their skills through BG Saxo’s online trading platform, BG Saxo Trader Go. The goal is to develop a real investment strategy that will protect an original virtual capital of €1m ($1.138m).

As part of Reply’s Challenges programme, the Investment Challenge was created to foster coding culture and stimulate digital innovation in creativity, cybersecurity and finance.

Founded in 2018, the challenges have involved more than 40,000 on the most current digital and innovative trends.

The Investment Challenge will be run in three phases: the registration phase, the online qualification phase and the final phase.

During the registration phase – 4 March to 27 March – registered students will have access to e-learning content provided by Banca Generali, MIP Politecnico of Milan Graduate School of Business and Reply.

Here, they will improve their understanding of the BG Saxo Trader Go trading platform and participate in a training session that will feature the investment of virtual capital in a demo environment, with a real-time view of the market trends.

During the online qualification phase – 30 March to 9 April – portfolios will be credited again and all participants will begin to compete against each other online. Participants can utilise the input provided by Reply and adopt the best asset management strategies aimed at protecting their initial capital.

In the final phase – 24 April – the 100 traders will need to maximise their portfolios while avoiding specific game penalties. Three winners will be determined.

Registrations will be open until 27 March.

Banca Generali is a private Italian bank that currently manages €69bn euros in assets with 45 branches and 2050 financial advisers.