Jacobi clients, including asset managers, wealth managers, consultants, and asset owners, acquired access to Axioma’s equity and multi-asset class factor risk models and portfolio optimiser.

San Francisco-based company Jacobi’s technology accelerates investing operations, enables dynamic client involvement, and makes it easier to construct and manage multi-asset portfolios at scale.

This will help them better visualise portfolio risk, guide their portfolio construction decisions, and align with their portfolio return objectives.

As a result of the integration, investment managers are given easy access to point-in-time and time series risk analytics for factor-based decomposition within equity and multi-asset class portfolios – all in one fully integrated solution.

Users of the platform will gain access to extensive historical datasets and customised forward-looking analyses across a variety of scenarios and stress events, consistent with Jacobi’s innovative portfolio construction capacity.

Integration will increase stakeholder involvement and make it possible to communicate risk sources and impacts to end users in a digestible way due to improved visualisation.

This satisfies a rising need for thorough and fast risk reporting from wealth and asset managers, as well as asset owners, trustees, and consultants, particularly amid market and geopolitical conflicts.

Brian Rosenberg, chief revenue officer at Axioma commented: “We are pleased to partner with Jacobi, a firm that shares Axioma’s commitment to put technology and the client experience at the heart of its platform. Our market-leading factor risk models and portfolio optimization tools will prove timely for wealth managers as they seek to better control gains and losses within tax-aware portfolios and navigate systematic factors in today’s market, such as high inflation and interest rates.”

Tony Mackenzie, co-founder and CEO at Jacobi Strategies added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Axioma who are highly regarded for their comprehensive bottom-up risk analytics. Combining Axioma’s risk and optimization toolkit with Jacobi’s powerful visualization and workflow management capabilities will bring investment managers enormous efficiencies and in turn better outcomes for the end client.”