Australian Unity Personal Financial Services has partnered with Australian platform provider Netwealth to offer a private label version of Netwealth's managed accounts offering to clients.

The partnership will offer 180 Australian Unity advisers access to Netwealth managed accounts, as well as allow Netwealth to tap into the $6bn of funds managed by Australian Unity.

Australian Unity Personal Finance Services head of investment research Jeff Mitchell said: "We believe our strategies are innovative due to the portfolios having absolute return objectives to exceed inflation by a risk premia, the use of a risk focused dynamic asset allocation and the use of a combination of both active and passive managed funds."

Netwealth joint managing director Matt Heine said: "Netwealth is delighted to further strengthen its relationship with Australian Unity with a managed account that offers three private label diversified models, together with access to a broader panel of professional mangers covering multiple asset classes."

In the last year, Netwealth signed similar partnerships with several firms, the most recent one being the one signed with Victoria-based financial planning group Securinvest in December 2016.