Australia’s Navacue Accountants and Financial Advisors has agreed to merge with local financial advisory firm Modoras Group.

Navacue wll be rebranded as Modoras Financial Performance Solutions following the completion of the deal.

Navacue directors Ian Fox and Alf Couceiro will continue to manage the Melbourne business following the integration, which is slated to be effective on 1 October 2017.

“The transition to Modoras formalises a partnership that has been in place for quite some time. Navacue clients can still look forward to the professional ‘above the line’ client care that they have come to expect from their existing Navacue Accountant, Planner and support team, who will continue to take care of their financial well-being,” Couceiro stated.

Navacue has been a member with Queensland-based Modoras Group since its launch. During the merger announcement, Modoras Group said that the combined expertise of the two businesses will offer improved level of financial and accounting services to clients.

Modoras Group managing director Peter Sarai added: “With over 33 years at the leading edge of accounting, business advisory and wealth management, we look forward to finding what more is possible for the new members of our financial family.”