Investing API provider Atomic , which helps banks and fintechs integrate investing into their offerings, has launched after raising $25m in Series A investment.

The fundraising was co-led by QED Investors and Anthemis. Softbank and Y Combinator also joined the round.

Atomic aims to democratise investing by offering key investing infrastructure to consumer-facing banks as well as fintechs.

Its API is claimed to enable customers to incorporate investing, without having to worry about regulatory hurdles.

Atomic CEO David Dindi said: “Any fintech or bank that wants to become their end-customers’ primary financial relationship will need to offer investing on their platform to remain competitive.

“As an accelerant in the rapidly evolving ecosystem of unbundled financial services, Atomic enables these businesses to offer investing in a frictionless way as a means to deepen their relationships with customers.”

The wealth-tech supports direct indexing, ESG investing, and multi-currency trading across 60 global markets.

It has already added to its client list fintech platform Upside, which has built a wealth management proposition to help refinance student loans and reinvest the savings.

QED Investors partner Amias Gerety said: “What we see is that fintechs and other consumer-facing companies want to offer savings and investment, but most have come to market with very limited product offerings — only single stock trading or only ETF investing.

“Atomic provides cutting edge solutions so that their partners can offer both of these products easily, but also offer advanced features like ESG, direct indexing, and tax loss harvesting that are usually only available for accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars in them.”