AssetMark has provided access to integrated financial planning capabilities through its eWealthManager investment platform for financial advisors.

The new enhancements, provided through a relationship with Finance Logix, enable financial advisors to serve a broad range of client needs related to investment planning and wealth management.

Charles Goldman, president and CEO, AssetMark, said: "Giving our advisors the means to provide holistic planning insight to their clients enables them to have broader conversations about wealth management and life planning. We chose to work with Finance Logix because they offer cash-flow management with goal planning models in a way that integrates with our investment offering. These tools have the potential to deepen client relationships immensely, as well as support advisors in delivering meaningful, actionable advice in order to meet clients’ needs."

The new financial planning features available to advisors using AssetMark include:

A client interview tool for helping clients build a clear understanding of their financial situations
Dashboards to track progress and identify opportunities
The capability to perform dynamic "what if" scenarios with clients to educate them on how small changes can make a big difference in their financial lives
Interactive sliders that allow advisors to make plan adjustments in real time
Secure-access document vault that allows clients to save important information and critical documents in one location
A client portal that enables clients to monitor their own financial health in collaboration with their advisor
Matt Matrisian, senior vice president and director of Practice Management, AssetMark, said: "As a client, seeing a clear and comprehensive picture of financial plans can mean the difference between enjoying fiscal freedom and coping with financial shortfall. Providing thoughtful wealth management and investment planning services in the context of clients’ personal goals — and helping them see their progress — is one of the most important ways for advisors to build relationships that make positive changes in their clients’ lives.

"We know that advisors use many different planning services today, but our commitment to incorporate Finance Logix with our investment philosophy is an important step for us."