Wealth manager Artorius has picked fintech firm Addepar as a platform of choice to strengthen its multi-family office operations in the UK.

Under the tie-up, Addepar will provide Artorius with data aggregation, analytics and performance reporting solutions.

This will help Artorius’ multi-family office business to offer time-bound and data-based inputs to its clients.

The clients will be able to have a detailed overview of their assets and liabilities portfolios such as traditional, non-traditional and illiquid assets, irrespective of the assets’ locations.

In addition, Artorius has partnered with Mirador, a fintech platform, to undertake implementation and post-implementation servicing.

Artorius CEO Paddy Lewis said: “We are delighted with our partnership with Addepar and Mirador. This investment for a firm our size is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional client service.

“We are now able to provide our family office clients with a far more granular vision of their assets, irrespective of how or where they are custodied. This capability has become more valuable to them during volatile market conditions by helping them see how their multiple portfolios with various managers, are behaving in one place on a combined basis.

“With our help and advice, they can manage their assets holistically through the lens of one dynamic report.”

The latest development follows a deal announced in January last year for the purchase of Artorius Wealth Switzerland by Decisive Capital Management, a wealth adviser based in Geneva.