Registered as a P.I.F. (Professional Investment Fund), Paragon is highly flexible with regard to investment strategy, liquidity, reporting and leverage, claims the company.

One of Paragon’s key benefits is that it does not attract income or capital gains tax. Amongst its many strengths Paragon has an open-architecture which allows clients the opportunity to nominate their own service provider.

In addition as a collective investment scheme it is extremely cost?effective as the set?up and running costs are shared amongst all of the platform sub?funds. Furthermore Paragon does not require any minimum A.U.M. or lock up period, said the asset management firm.

Altarius Group president Pierre Maliczak said there is a very strong demand for small to medium size sub?funds, that are quick and easy to set up, cost efficient and flexible as far as assets, leverage and diversification are concerned.

"Through Paragon we are now able to offer clients an all?in ready to go solution where we coordinate all aspects related to the fund, including distribution. This allows fund managers to focus on what they do best – managing assets," Maliczak said.