Swiss financial technology firm Alpian has launched a new digital private banking platform to serve wealthy clients.

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has granted its approval to the new platform, which is said to the first digital private banking solution in the country.  

The platform is designed to operate as a mobile-first digital solution. It incorporates everyday as well as private banking offerings.

According to Alpian, its digital private bank is a singular hybrid model, which unites secure banking platform with expertise offered by its wealth advisors.

The neo bank will offer services that are usually provided to traditional private banks’ clients.

It will also provide the clients with an option to make an in-app video call with a wealth advisor to resolve their issues.

In addition, Alpian’s everyday banking service is developed to facilitate payments as well as carry out foreign exchange transactions, withdraw money and pay with a debit card.

Alpian CEO Schuyler Weiss said: “The launch of Alpian, Switzerland’s first digital private bank, marks a step forward for the industry.

“This is our first important milestone on a journey of many more.”

The company plans to introduce new services in the next few months.

Alpian chairman Pasha Bakhtiar said: “The launch of Alpian to the market is a testament to the quality, work ethic and drive of the people we have been able to hire since the first days of incubation at Reyl.

“Since the beginning, the team has worked relentlessly to build a robust Swiss bank and develop a digital private banking experience with no parallels in the market.”

The platform can be downloaded from Apple and Google play stores, the company said.