Augmented Intelligence (AI) solutions provider Squirro has introduced a new app to help asset managers with their investment decision-making process.

Dubbed Allocators Insights, the app is designed to directly offer details of new allocation strategy, including asset, fund, wealth, portfolio, and investment managers, to the users.

The platform will offer inputs on market trends and variations that are vital for making investment decisions, especially chief investment officer (CIO) statements.

CIO statements highlights an entity’s investment plans and management shake ups.

Despite their immense importance, the unstructured nature of CIO statements makes them hard to understand and act upon, noted Squirro.

It requires manual labour and considerable time to understand CIO statements as well as other macro and micro trends in asset allocation.

Using Allocators Insights, asset managers will receive that information automatically through dashboards.

The users can select the allocators of their own choices and receive inputs on the basis of CIO strategy changes along with macro trends throughout regions and asset classes, the company claims.

Developed on the basis of Squirro Insight Engine, Allocators Insights connects various data sources and use natural language processing and machine learning to offer right data at the right time to the users.

Squirro co-founder Patrice Neff said: “Anyone working in asset, wealth, or portfolio management needs to be on top of the latest trends and shifts in the market – this includes what CIOs publish about their future investment strategies.

“Traditionally, this information has been captured manually, which is time-consuming and ineffective.

“Allocators Insights brings the power of automation to investment advisory, saving time and delivering deeper insight to improve investment decision-making.”