AE Wealth Management, an advisory firm based in Kansas, has appointed Tom Siomades as its new CIO.

Siomades most recently served as an investment strategist and managing director at Hartford Funds, based in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

In the new role, he will operate out of Topeka, Kansas.

“What initially drew me to AE Wealth was our desire to truly help people enjoy amazing retirements by working with financial advisers across the country to help provide them with the support and information they need to help their clients,” Siomades noted.

During Siomades’s three-decade career, he has focused on asset allocation modeling, due diligence as well as portfolio management.

Commenting on Siomades’ appointment, AE Wealth president Chris Radford said: “His experience in portfolio management and construction of assets paired with his work in providing market and financial commentary allows us to expand the value we’re offering our advisers.

“Tom is already hard at work building out new investment options for our advisers and it’s that expertise, paired with our phenomenal adviser partners, that has allowed us to increase our total platform assets by more than $2 billion [as of June 25, 2019] this year.”

At the end of April 2019, AE Wealth managed around $7bn in assets.