Swiss finetch firm additiv has joined forces with sustainability and data science tech platform Clarity AI to provide sustainability insights to wealth managers.

The partnership will allow additiv clients to include Clarity AI‘s sustainability insights into their investment decisions.

This will enable wealth managers to better grasp the true impact of companies and build portfolios in accordance with the preferences and concerns of their customers.

Leveraging big data and machine learning, Clarity AI evaluates the sustainability and impact of a portfolio’s investments.

Clarity AI head of Strategy Javier Penalva said that the partnership with additiv will expand the reach of its sustainability and impact insights to private banks and wealth managers worldwide.

Penalva commented: “This is an exciting partnership for us. We are passionate about helping wealth managers make smarter decisions around sustainability and assess the impact of companies on our society and planet.”

The tie-up comes amid rising demand for sustainable and ESG investing in the wealth management space.

According to Swiss Sustainable Finance, ESG and sustainable investment market accounts for more than 30% of all professionally managed investments. It has grown by 62% in 2019 alone.

additive head of strategy Christine Schmid said: “Sustainable investing is a crucial and fast-growing part of the wealth industry. It is also a key area for providers to differentiate themselves.

“Clients want to invest in companies that conform with their values and make an impact, being able to do this accurately and dynamically will set wealth managers apart. It will also help wealth managers to better meet new regulatory and disclosure requirements with respect to sustainability.”

In January this year, additiv launched its Wealth Solution Builder, a new platform enabling banks and financial institutions to create their own solutions.