Accenture has launched the Innovation Center for Finance & Risk in New York to help financial institutions accelerate and scale advanced data and analytics capabilities.

The new innovation centre will develop solutions for a range of areas including finance and risk data management, data engineering, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and reporting.

It will enable financial providers to improve regulatory controls as they deploy advanced data and analytics capabilities such as big data, cloud and artificial intelligence technologies. It will allow institutions to speed up the transition by using technology enabled by the Accenture Insights Platform and the Accenture Labs, and by making use of Accenture’s software alliances.

Accenture Analytics innovation centre lead Antonio Castro said: “Our new Innovation Center for Finance & Risk fosters deep collaboration between our clients and Accenture data scientists and technology experts, who understand their challenges.

“Together, we can work quickly and effectively to ideate, prototype and scale solutions. The center has already enabled us to accelerate delivery of next-generation data platforms, including building the data pipelines, models and dashboards for risk, marketing and performance reporting for a number of leading financial institutions.”

The centre, part of Accenture’s international innovation network, already has over 20 partnerships with universities, fintech startups and global financial institutions.