Chum Hon Sing, Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Newtree Group Holdings Limited, a Macau-based manufacturer and trader of hygienic disposables for households and clinical uses, has sold four million shares, representing 0.5320% stake in the company.

The shares were sold at a price of HKD2.98 (USD0.38) per share, for gross proceeds of HKD11.92 million (USD1.53 million).

Full Name: Mr. Chum Hon Sing
DOB: 1980
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Macau
Languages: Portuguese

Liquidity Event:
July 28, 2014 sale 4 million shares in Newtree Group Holdings Limited for a consideration of HKD11.92 million (USD1.53 million).

Mr. Chum Hon Sing, born in 1980, is the owner of Twin Star Global Limited an investment services company. He is also a Chairman and Executive Director of Newtree Group Holdings Limited since 1999. He played different roles within the Newtree Group; Mr. Chum worked as the production manager, purchasing manager and sales manager of the Group.