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  • BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA: Swiss based company (offices in Geneva and Zurich) with subsidiaries in the UK, Luxembourg and Singapore. Specialists in financial cross-border regulation.
  • BRP Tax: Subsidiary company of BRP SA, created to consult and aid the financial industry (private banks and wealth managers) to meet the new challenges in the field of taxation. Our activities are tax manuals, training, checklists and consulting services related to taxation in the financial sector.
  • Indigita SA: Digital cross-border solutions. Addressing the growing challenges faced by banks and financial advisers, we provide solutions that take the complexity out of Cross-Border compliance when conducting international business. Assistance with staff training, making compliance information easily accessible and automating cross-border compliance checks.

BRP is one of the worldwide leaders in cross-border regulatory risks

  • Worldwide client base:
    • More than 250 banks and banking groups;
    • More than 500 independent financial advisors, asset managers and fund management companies.
  • International network of over 500 experts in the regulatory and financial field (law firms, consulting firms, audit firms).
  • Different types of Country Manuals covering more than 150 jurisdictions:
    • Country Manuals Private Banking
    • Country Manuals Retail Banking
    • Country Manuals Independent Financial Advisors (EAM)
    • Country Manuals Asset Management
    • Country Manuals Products
    • Country Manuals Life Insurance Solutions
    • Country Manuals Credits
    • Country Manuals Suitability
    • Country Tax (through BRP Tax)

Other BRP products and services

  • Consulting: BRP partners have extensive knowledge and experience in the financial sector and of the financial regulations and are thus able to assist clients in managing their regulatory constraints.
  • mrr©: Mapping of regulatory risks and regulatory monitoring for Swiss banks.
  • BoD: Compliance products enabling the supreme governing body to exercise its prerogative power in line with regulatory requirements and FINMA’s expectations.
  • Training in all the fields of regulation:
    • Tailor-made approach;
    • Interactive courses;
    • Pragmatic approach (cases studies);
    • Certification

IT solutions

  • BRP Platform: Online navigation and remote access to BRP products.
  • E-Learning – Indigita: Through an immersive and engaging scenario, learn the fundamental Cross-Border rules and the specificities of the country you are active in.
  • In-App – Indigita: Based on the BRP Country Manuals for Private Banking and Product Placement. Allows the authorized services of  Banks, verify Product Placement and filter Recommended Product List to be checked instantly. Possibility to define complex client structure (several beneficial owners, account holders and Power of Attorney) and to get answers for complex situations involving several countries. Possibility to check third-country meeting.
  • API – Indigita: Automate your processes and compliance checks. Connect any solution to the Indigita API and get a cross-border answer to your situation. The Indigita API is able to digest specific contextual information and return the appropriate regulatory answer based on Country Manuals.

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BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA - GENEVA

Rue de Vermont 62
PO Box 82
1211 Geneva 20

+41 22 819 10 30
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BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA - GENEVA

Rue de Vermont 62
PO Box 82
1211 Geneva 20

+41 22 819 10 30
BRP SA Website

BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA - ZURICH

Schanzeneggstrasse 3
8002 Zurich

+41 43 305 09 30

BRP Bizzozero & Partners UK Ltd.

Office 202
Devonshire House Business Centre
29-31 Elmfield Road

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BRP Bizzozero & Partners Lux SA

233-241, rue de Beggen
1221 Luxembourg

+352 20 21 16 20 25

BRP (Asia) Private Limited

133 Cecil Street
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+65 6203 3062

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