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Spanish private banks expand services to counter economic woes

As the prospect of a full eurozone bailout looms large in Spain, private banks are looking for more innovative ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors Maryrose Fison finds that enhanced services and client segmentation are at the forefront of wealth management businesses growth strategies.

Offshore banking: Banks consolidate and specialise

Offshore private banking has become a dirty word in the public arena, with traditional centres and modes of operation being turned on their heads Maryrose Fison finds that client appetite remains strong, but if managers are to compete, they may have to consolidate offices and learn to specialise The future of offshore private banking was seriously in question six years ago

Germany survey: Cool, calm and collected

Germanys market continues to provide plenty of opportunities for wealth managers despite the wider macroeconomic challenges to the Eurozone Maryrose Fison finds industry heads positive, albeit wary of the impact increasing regulation will have on Europes largest high net worth market

The rising tide of regulation

Its dull, expensive and time-consuming, but regulation is only set to increase in the coming years, meaning private banks need to adapt or suffer MaryRose Fison looks at the three regulations likely to have to biggest impact on private banks.

Kedge Capital turns to asset management

Founding director Jonathan Little tells Maryrose Fison why he decided to swap a job at a Fortune 500 company for a family office in Piccadilly. It is not every day that the vice chairman of a Fortune 500 company managing more than $1trn of assets decides to begin a new job running a start-up with no financial goals

Arbuthnot Latham: Concentrating on collectives

Not many private banks can boast a specialist motor sports team with bankers who hold race licences, but for British bank Arbuthnot Latham catering to the needs of its driven clients, whether in the pit stop or the office, is all just part of a normal days work.

Joint ventures: a model to tap Japan?

Barclays Wealths joint venture with one of Japans largest banks, SMBC, gives the fast-growing wealth manager a crucial foothold in a key market

Insurance wrappers: Tax-compliant or trouble?

The rising popularity of insurance wrappers among global insurance companies over the past six months has revealed a growing market for tax-efficient unit-linked life policies for high net worth individual

Behavioural finance: Dollars & decision making

JP Morgan has invested $30bn in a behavioural finance framework, showing how investor behaviour theory has moved from an alternative investment consideration to an integral part of money managers thinking Behavioural economists have earned a reputation over the years for correctly identifying market bubbles and crashes

Swiss banking secrecy is not over: Mirabaud

Switzerlands decision to comply with the Organisations for Economic Co-operation and Developments (OECD) rules around the exchange of information treaties is not the beginning of the end of the countrys competitive edge on offshore wealth, says Yves Mirabaud. In the upcoming edition of Private Banker International, Yves Mirabaud, a managing partner at Mirabaud, says he remains optimistic about the future of the country’s banking industry.